• Przemysław Zych

    Staff Software Engineer @ Engineering Design Center

    Przemek is a full stack developer at GE Aviation. Day to day he develops web applications supporting aircraft parts manufacturing. He's keen on software craftsmanship and pragmatic approach to programming. In addition to coding, he's interested in CI/CD, infrastructure and software architecture. As a huge enthusiast of typed languages, he also codes in Java.


    Should I fire my DevOps already? Build your infrastructure using TypeScript

  • Elad Shechter

    Tech lead CSS/HTML @ investing.com

    Lightning Talk Speaker

    Mobile First? Desktop First? Basic First - A New Approach for Responsive Design

  • Chris Heilmann

    Principal Program Manager @ Microsoft

    Chris Heilmann dedicated the last 20 years of his life to make the web work and thrive. As a lead developer on some of the largest web products he learned that knowledge is not enough without teamwork and good handover. He dedicated most of his time since on educating, writing and sharing, presenting on average at 30 conferences a year. He strives to make code and coders work efficiently. He is the author of several JavaScript books and the Developer Evangelism handbook (http://developer-evangelism.com). He is currently a Senior Program Manager in Microsoft and spends a lot of time pondering how machine learning and AI can aid humans and replace jobs we're too important to do.

    Keynote Speaker

    Into the web multiverse

  • Roy Derks

    Senior Frontend Developer @ City of Amsterdam

    Roy Derks is a serial startup CTO and conference speaker from Amsterdam. He also teaches React and GraphQL at reactgraphql.academy, and works on open-source JavaScript projects for the City of Amsterdam.


    Web applications of the future with TypeScript and GraphQL

  • Tymon Terlikiewicz

    CTO @ Batmaid

    CTO, full stack dev and software craftsman with 12 years exp. Passionate about latest trends in coding, gadgets, bringing together talented people... and space exploration. Found his new home in Warsaw after some years of coding in Vienna and Zürich.

    Lightning Talk Speaker

    Lessons learned migrating from a monolith frontend

  • Eleftheria Batsou

    App Developer @ MKI Hellas

    Hi there, I’m Eleftheria, no one can really pronounce or remember my name so you can just call me Elli :) I currently work as an app developer and I'm freelancing as a content creator for Udemy, PacktPub and Skillshare. In my free time, I create youtube videos about being a better developer, improving your career as well as tutorials and “how-to”. Since I work daily for a lot of hours I also try to stay active as much as possible, I love working out, going for long walks in nature or spending quality time with friends. I enjoy interacting and connecting with others, I like to share my passions and being sociable :)


    When you think there is not time for learning or coding

  • Jan Salwowski

    Fullstack PHP/JS developer @ Docplanner

    He started programming when he was 11 by creating and editing some scripts to games. It was also the beginning of his adventure with web development. Currently, he is a Full-stack Developer (JS + PHP). He has been working at Docplanner for more than 3 years. He loves new technologies and simplicity. He is Vue evangelist (since v0.12). Privately, he is a proud father of almost 2 years old Antoś and he can not wait when he will start programming with him. During ConfrontJS Jan will present a lightning talk “Tips for maintainable Vue code”. Come and feel inspired by Vue power.

    Lightning Talk Speaker

    Tips for maintainable Vue code

  • Wojciech Jureczka

    Frontend Developer @ Grupa Pracuj


    How to change mindset of coworkers?

  • Tomasz Łakomy

    Senior Frontend Engineer @ OLX

    Tomasz is a Senior Frontend Developer at OLX Group. Tech speaker, egghead.io instructor, jQuery evangelist. His interests include React, VR, testing, app performance and making cheesiest jokes known to mankind.

    Keynote Speaker

    Sleeping better at night

  • Yonatan Doron

    Frontend Tech Lead @ CyberX

    Yonatan Doron is a Frontend Tech Lead at CyberX with a passion for user-centric frontend development and modular client architecture. Yonatan contributes content to various technology-focused outlets, writing thought leadership articles on software, frontend, and product design. In his spare time, he leads Hodash Dev which is one of the biggest developers Meetup communities in Israel and creates open-source projects.

    Lightning Talk Speaker

    Microinteractions: Little Things That Matter

  • Tetiana Platonova

    Developer @ Ethworks

    I've been in web-development for about 4 years now. Currently I work for the blockchain softwarehouse "EthWorks" and I also volunteer at WarsawJS organization. Tech speaker and JS/React coach for WarsawJS workshops.


    The Importance of Clean Code

  • Jerbi Saif

    Frontend Tech Lead @ Vermeg

    I'm a frontend technical lead at vermeg, having more the 5 years of frontend experience, i'm leading a team of Angular and NodeJS developers. We develop a Pluggable Web IDE for our business Customer


    Mastering Reactive Programming with RxJS

  • Yonatan Kra

    Software Architect @ WalkMe

    Software architect at WalkMe, egghead instructor and former CTO at webiks is going to reveal the secrets of runtime performance in the browser.

    Lightning Talk Speaker

    How close is your data?

  • Piotr Tomiak

    Senior Software Engineer @ JetBrains


    How to help your editor love your Vue component library

  • Andrzej Mazur

    Game Developer @ Enclave Games

    HTML5 Game Developer, Enclave Games indie studio founder, js13kGames competition creator, Gamedev.js community firestarter and Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter publisher. Proud member of the Mozilla Tech Speakers family. Excited about cutting-edge Web technologies like WebXR and Progressive Web Apps. Likes eating sushi and playing Neuroshima Hex.


    The past, present, and the future of HTML5 game development

  • Nadia Ginalska

    Senior Front-end Developer @ Packhelp

    Nadia is a JavaScript engineer at Packhelp. She's been merrily coding for the last 10 years of her life. Her current focus is React and PWAs. Nadia is passionate about workflow automation and delivering the best experience to the end user. As a hobby she tries to connect her guinea pigs to the Internet.

    Lightning Talk Speaker

    The sweet allure of a full rewrite

  • Barry Solone

    Master of Ceremony

    Master of Ceremony